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Your Authentic Self

Do you think that Vader ever struggled with his Authentic Self? I mean the man wore a mask to conceal his identity (yes to save his own life) but do you wonder if it was about something else? His origin story clearly revealed that he struggled with aspects of his identity. His anger,  feeling disconnected in his relationships, not feeling…

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My Inner Buddha

Total disclaimer I do not like meditating. I find it really challenging to quiet my mind. I’m a thinker and my brain is always on overdrive. I remember first trying to “mindful” years ago and always feeling that I failed at it. My thoughts would quickly get sidetracked or highjacked by things like my to-do list. I’d get stuck replaying…

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Welcome to
Mind Therapy!

Welcome to the launch of my new website – Mind Therapy and my first blog post! My name is Vanessa Maharaj and I am a Clinical Social Worker with a passion for empowering people to feel their best, do their best and be their best. In this section of my website I will be sharing my inspirations, my interests and…

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